1. NEW on Do Gooder: Flexible actions, control your data and yearly plans

    Do Gooder now plays nice with your other platforms, your fundraising team and even your accounts department! You can now: 

    • embed actions in your own website (with optional custom CSS!)
    • sync actions  with your NationBuilder Nation
    • own your own data
    • pay yearly and save good money.

    If you’ve ever thought Do Gooder’s cool but we’ve got our own site/s already and don’t want to create yet another web destination for our supporters, then you’ll be happy to hear you can now embed our action tools right into your own web site.

    Folks are embedding Do Gooder all over the world including respected US based activist organisation Rainforest Action Network – which recently choose to build their new flagship website on NationBuilder with Do Gooder’s online actions plugged in.

    Our data sync app keeps the RAN Nation up to date and the new custom CSS feature means they have been able to seamlessly embed a dozen Do Gooder actions within the web site. The result is a slick, robust and flexible campaigning web-site on a fraction of the budget of a custom built platform.

    RAN also took advantage of the "Own your own data" option, our most requested feature from NFPs who’s fundraising teams would like to keep their supporter base close to their chest.  

    All of this goodness is available on our new goodestPRO plan and, like all of our plans, can now be subscribed yearly.

    Get in touch if you’d like help doing good

  2. The World Heritage defence begins – with extra do-goodness


    UPDATE: WIN! Bob’s campaign, which delivered over 5,000 heartfelt messages to the World Heritage Committee, was at the vanguard of public opposition to the delisting request which ultimately failed! Good one!

    The Bob Brown Foundation has just launched a campaign to protect the Tasmania’s world heritage listing. Bob (who recently retired after 16 years as an Australian Federal Senator) made his name 36 years ago leading the fight to save the Franklin River in what is widely considered the awakening of the mainstream green movement in Australia.  So it’s particularly cool to see his foundation joining the fight against this new threat to Tasmania’s wilderness from the right-wing Federal government.

    The new campaign is aiming to once again use the power of image and celebrity to break through to the nation and rally the overwhelmingly supportive majority into action on the issue. And to do that Dvize Creative  have chosen a killer combination of NationBuilder and Do Gooder, which showcases the potential of our new (beta) integration with the US-based community organising platform.

    We’ve seen some great integrations already – including Stop the Trawler (who get the prize for being the first), Solar Citizens WA vote and Protect the RET and the Victorian Wind Alliance, – however this campaign shows what’s possible with a heavily customised Nation.

    We’re still refining the tools with many more features to come but you can already embed a Do Gooder action into your own web site on most plans. Nationbuilder customers can then connect the two together. This means all of your supporter data will flow from your Do Gooder action into your Nation’s people database, including tags.

    If that means nothing to you, don’t worry! Check out the World Heritage Forever campaign to see it in action and sign up or email us if you’d like to embed a Do Gooder action in your web site. 

  3. The epic battle to save community consultation in NSW rages on


    The Better Planning Network (BPN) is an inspiring community group which is fighting hard to ensure the community doesn’t get locked out of planning processes across the Australian state of NSW. 

    The BPN have campaigned effectively for almost two years and won a critical win late last year when the proposed planning laws were rejected by the NSW Upper House. The Premier, Barry O’Farrell, is now considering whether to throw the bill out and try to introduce some of it’s clauses into existing legislation, or press on and try to negotiate it through the senate.

    Just 18 months ago these outrageously developer friendly and anti-community laws looked set to be rushed through. But when the community steps up as Corine Fisher and her smart team of campaigners have done, with flexible tools like Do Gooder, amazing things are possible.

    This campaign is a great example of using Do Gooder as a full campaign website with site pages used for news, events and resources. Around a dozen actions have been deployed, including email and call in campaigns to politicians at state and local levels as well as raising much needed funds for the campaign to continue into 2014.

    Check out their campaign site and lend your support.

    Do you want to campaign like a pro?

    Do Gooder is packed with powerful campaign action tools like the politician post-code look-up tool used by the BPN guys. Take the tour and start doing good, better.

  4. New goodies from the do-goodery

    It’s been a pretty crazy few months in Australian politics and it looks like we have a big couple of years ahead. So, we’ve been working hard tweaking and upgrading Do Gooder to make sure you have all the tools you need to make real change.

    Here’s a few of the recent big upgrades. Hope you like them!

    Automatically thank your supporters via email for participating with a customisable email which can include a donation ask and your social media links to encourage further sharing. (Go to the campaign overview/advanced section to activate.)

    Thank your supporters between actions too (you can have more than one action activated btw!) with our new high visibility popup windows.

    Use our Raise Money tool to fund your campaign.Research shows the best time to ask for money is after an action is performed so we recommend always following up your main action with a Raise Money ask.  We’ve enhanced this tool allowing you to set default amounts and you can also ask for a delivery address or additional information.

    You can now request a postcode and cc extra people when targeting a decision maker. The postcode is automatically added to the email signature ensuring local representatives know they are receiving emails from constituents. We also found that people were sending blank or unedited emails using this tool so we added the ability for you to require a customised message as well.

    Trouble makers can also now be blocked when you optionally set any action to only allow one action per person. (we needed to do this after an industry front group tried to use a campaign as a platform for lobbying the decision maker!)

  5. How to write the perfect Do Gooder campaign media release


    So you’ve got your Do Gooder campaign up and running, now you’ve just got to get the good word out there. 

    Social media is obviously a fantastic way of spreading the word, but don’t underestimate the time honoured media release.

    Why send out a media release?

    • a media release is a proven way to grab the attention of the busy journos who can publicise your campaign
    • they help the journo to write their story
    • they can be quickly developed into news stories which are far more powerful and credible than ads
    • traditional media (newspapers, magazines, TV and Radio) still has a huge audience

    Before writing your media release

    • ask yourself: What’s the crux of my campaign’s story? What’s the hook?
    • stories with a human interest angle work best - is there an angle in your story which audiences can easily relate to?
    • appoint a spokesperson for the campaign that knows their stuff
    • obtain a quote from him or her to include in the media release
    • make sure they’re on standby for journo follow-ups

    Writing your campaign media release

    1) Start with ‘Media Release’ at the top of the page and include a catchy news headline (but don’t get too cryptic). 

    2) Your first sentence and paragraph should summarise the core issues of the campaign. 

    Answer these five points and you’ll be fine:

    • Who are the organisations and people involved in your campaign?
    • What iis the issue and what are the goals of campaign?
    • Where is this happening? A local, regional, or national issue
    • When are the key dates? A decision, vote, submissions deadline
    • Why is this relevant? Why has this happened?

    3) In the body section include research, facts and figures to back up what you’re saying.

    Journos need attributable quotes for their stories. So include some from the people involved in the campaign. Keep them short and sweet and double check they’re accurate! 

    4) Include a strong call to action that urges readers to go to your Do Gooder campaign site to take action.

    5) Keep it to one page and remember to proofread. Better yet, get a friend to read over it, and ensure it makes sense to someone unconnected to your campaign.

    6) Include an eye-catching photo with permission for the journo to reuse 

    Here’s some media release examples that have the Do Gooder tick of approval:

    Get your media release out there

    1) Research the news outlets you are planning to contact and find the journo or news desks relevant to your cause.

    2) Email through your media release.

    3) If you have the time, follow up with a phone call to check they got it (hint, hint: “use it”).


    Ok, good luck. You best get cracking!

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  6. Target candidates in the Federal Election!

     We’re excited to announce a new feature on Do Gooder just in time for the Australian Federal Election. You can now target candidates in the Federal lower house (as well as sitting members) with our Target Politician tool (by either email or telephone)

    Your supporters can now put candidates from one or more parties on the spot on specific issues leading up to the election, request a meeting to discuss your cause or simply ask your supporters to call them to ensure your issue is front and centre when they campaign in their local area.

    Thanks to the good folks at APAN for entering the data - we’ll be updating it as the candidates are announced.

  7. Seed smashes fundraising target for Ecuador’s Rainforest


    More great news at the Do Goodery…

    The Help the locals protect Los Cedros campaign has smashed its fundraising target.

    Deep Ecologist and legendary activist John Seed, launched an urgent fundraising campaign to help his old friend Jose DeCoux mobilise local activists and conservationists to respond to land invasions and illegal logging in Ecuador. Jose needed to match a $2,500 grant to get much needed resources on the ground.  Within a few weeks John’s campaign had delivered that and some, bringing in close to $4,000AUD. 

    That money will now cover the costs of activists and conservationists, risking their lives on the ground, to report and put a halt to the illegal logging of protected tropical and cloud forest in Ecuador.

    We asked John what he thought about his Do Gooder experience …

    "Do Gooder was really helpful in assisting us to construct our site and in helping us to reach out. I think it’s a great site for campaigns, especially Australian ones and I can recommend it highly."

    Thanks John. For the Earth!

    Do you need money to kickstart your campaign?

    Do Gooder is perfect for setting up a quick fundraising campaign for your charity or NGO.

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  8. Buy this man a beer!

    John Wardle

    .. he’s just helped raise the cultural bar in South Australia!

    The South Australian parliament announced late last week that it will introduce major reforms to the state’s liquor licensing laws in response to community pressure spearheaded by the latest Raise the Bar campaign. Bar raiser, musician and tireless campaigner for a healthier night culture which supports live entertainment and good times, Mr John Wardle, took the campaign on with Ianto Ware (formerly of Renew Adelaide). 

    John launched a Do Gooder campaign site the night before he was due in South Australia for high level talks with government officials.

    “It was great to know the firepower of Do Gooder was available as i walked into that meeting. The power brokers knew what we’d been able to do in NSW with the first Raise the Bar campaign and to then be able to quickly bring that into play for the South Australian community using Do Gooder proved effective within days, as the engagement with the parliament on liquor reform took off.” - John Wardle.

    In just a few months and over 1,800 emails of support later the writing as on the wall for South Australia to join Sydney and Melbourne in a renaissance of small bars, live music, and culture.

    There’s a reason why a national “Buy John Wardle a Beer Day”  was recently proposed!  

    Do you need to respond to events in real-time?

    A Do Gooder campaign can be launched in 10 minutes. With a 30 day FREE trial and hot swappable action tools its the fastest fully featured platform around.

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  9. Take the power back!

    Screen shot of the integrated Do Gooder campaign on choice.com.au

    Choice, the people’s consumer watchdog, is telling Aussie energy ministers to get serious about fixing the legislation driving our extreme energy price rises.

    They’re cleverly using Do Gooder’s nifty custom data-set tool to help supporters target their respective state or territory’s Energy Minister. Take a look.

    And they’re the first Do Gooder campaigners to integrate Do Gooder into their own site. It works really well.

    They only launched a few days ago and already have 700+ supporters!

    Lend your voice to their campaign.

    And good luck to Choice!

    Do you want to campaign like a pro?

    Do Gooder is packed with powerful campaign action tools like the custom data-set tool choice.com.au are using. Take the tour and start doing good, better.

  10. One giant leap for recycling

    CDS campaigner Tim Silverwood holds a sign reading 'I will boycott Coca Cola until they support 10 cent refunds on drink containers'.

    Used with permission of Tim Silverwood - take3.org.au

    More good news! Do Gooder has just helped push Australia’s state and federal environment ministers to take a big step towards a National Container Deposit Scheme (CDS).

    The proposed scheme for 10 cent refunds on bottles and cans will go a long way to increasing recycling and reducing litter, helping to save the billions of bottles and cans currently being landfilled every year.

    Over 1,600  ’bloody do-gooders’ sent email to their local MPs through the Say Yes to the Cash for Containers Deposit Scheme campaign, before the ministers met in Canberra last week to thrash it out. 

    It’s been a long campaign with a lot of hard work and many great actions leading up to the vote. So the barrage of emails in the final weeks was just what was needed to help push the ministers to vote for a Decision RIS (Regulation Impact Statement) and finally begin to seriously look at implementing a much needed national container deposits system.

    Winning Do Gooder campaigner, Candice Landsman, set up her campaign site only two weeks before the big pow-wow on behalf of the Boomerang Alliance, a collection of environmental groups, lobbying for a CDS.

    "The Boomerang Alliance were calling for people to reach out to their local politicians and I knew that Do Gooder had the capability to reach them. 

    "We didn’t have much time, we had two weeks to make a real impact and get the message out there before the ministers met.

    "Do Gooder let us focus the campaign and gave us real momentum and spread the message fast through social media."

    … It’s stories like this that make us love Do Gooder!

    Could Do Gooder get your issue over the line?

    If you have a burning issue, take the tour and start doing good, better.